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Learn about money through a game!?

Hey you! Yea you! Do you want to be rich and know how money works when you are older?

I do! And I bet you want to but when you are a kid there are not a lot of resources for us kids.

But one game I have played before that also teaches me about money is cashflow for kids!

It's a fun game where you have to spend money and make money. The goal is to have your income (money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.) but you also have to spend money, and you start out with 7 spending coins, and you have to get rid of them all by using your income cards. The game is trying to teach kids about money and how to spend your money and how to spend it wisely. This game was inspired by the book Rich dad poor dad

Which is one of the best-selling books of all time. This game teaches you about finance<realestate<and stocks! And in order to get your spending all the way down the point is you guys stuff like stock, etc.

And you start with some money at the end of hopes to get a full board of income chips! To go further in depth about the game rules click here!

But the reason this is such a good game for your kids is it is just like a monopoly but with a little financial twist to help jumpstart your kids to their successful life. The game will teach them life lessons, for example how to spend your money on good investments, and how some companies offer better deals than others so be sure to think about it! Overall if you want a successful, fun game for your kids I highly recommend it. It also helps them with their math by counting their money and how much they spent and stuff like that! These tiny skills will help so much in the real world!

And the best part is your kids will want to play it! It is just like other games, and it teaches them about money and savings/spending!

Overall it is a great game and I highly recommend it for any parents who are interested, those were just a few reasons! If you want more information about the game you can go here:

Thank you or reading!

-written by Cade Williams

-edited by Luke Williams

-published on the CapGain website

-monitored by Steve and Julie Williams


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