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Wall texture and flatwork

In my last blog we talked about how you install drywall on your own and how to work around the problems you will face. Now I will tell you how to put texture on your walls, what wall texture is and how flatwork is installed (walkways and driveways)

But first I'm going to tell you what wall textures are. Wall textures are the look on your wall that makes a texture. There are different types of wall textures, i'm going to be going over the basic and the level 5. The level 5 is the most expensive texture because it is hard to do. The level 5 is where the texture is totally flat. There are 5 steps in making wall textures. These are going to be for the basic type

  1. Use lightweight topping because of the texture.

  2. Mix the topping with water using a whip until the right consistency

  3. Put the mixture into a sprayer and spray the walls

  4. Wait till it is dry (No shiny parts)

  5. Then “knock it down” not literally but figuratively with a blade so you can still see the texture but it will be a flat wall

Now we will be talking about how to do flatwork. In flatwork there are 8 steps.

  1. First place a sidewalk plumbing vent

  2. Make sure you have a blocker so the concrete doesn't flow into the street

  3. Then fill with concrete

  4. Flatten

using a long 2x4 piece of wood and blades

  1. Make edges

  2. Finish with a broom for texture.

  3. To make a driveway you use the same methods as the ones to make the walkways

  4. Note, make sure you work fast because concrete dries fast.

In this blog we went over the steps of flatwork(walkways and driveways) and the steps of wall texturing in my next blog we will be covering. Installing hard-surface flooring and countertops, and completing exterior grading

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