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In my last post we talked about the demolition process now we are taking the next big step of making a house. The next step in building a house is excavating the property.There are two types of excavation either for a slab or a basement foundation. One example of a house with only a slab foundation is a house with no basement but usually a second floor. One example of a house with a different kind of foundation called a basement foundation is a house with a basement, a main floor and sometimes a second floor.

You can excavate by taking a machine that scoops stuff up like a claw called a backhoe. This process takes about 2-3 days in a urban environment. this is important because without excavation there would be no place to lay the slab foundation or the basement. One example in this video it shows excavation of a basement.

Excavation is important because without excavating you can’t place a foundation so your house would just fall into the ground overtime. Excavating can be hard in a urban environment because typically the lot sizes are smaller therefore harder to work with big machines.

When excavating a house it usually means the new one will be bigger than the old one or else you would just remodel. You also usually excavate most of the property. If there is a tree you have to work around it or get a permit to take it out. One example of this is the house that is being built next to us because it took them a lot longer than a house with nothing surrounding it because it is so compact, and they needed to work around a tree in the front yard. Also my house it built around a tree. This show why excavating in an urban environment is hard and how you excavate. In the next post I will be covering the process of foundation.

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