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The importance of teamwork. Is teamwork really important? Yes, it is it's all around us look at what you're reading this on it was created by multiple people doing their job as a team, this is called teamwork. Almost anything now has teamwork. For example, In sports, every person in the whole entire football stadium even the fans are part of a team. The linemen have to keep the defenders away from the quarterback. The quarterback has to throw the ball and the receivers have to catch it. The fans have to cheer them on the defenders have to try to sack the quarterback and try to keep them from scoring. Also in soccer you have work together to dribble the ball down the field and score. These are all examples of teamwork there are many other reasons too. Teamwork can also be important in real estate because you need a group of people that work together. Furthermore, In real estate, you need a builder, designer and a lot more. These are a few reasons why teamwork is important in real estate and in the real world.

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