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Young AmeriTowne A Different Type Of Camp.

Have you ever heard of Young Ameritowne camp? If not, this is a camp were you get a day to have a job in a place above the Young Americans Bank. This place is a mini representation of a town where you can sign up for jobs and pay taxes as if you were an adult. I was a Photojournalist at the TV station. I took videos of commercials and edited them together.

The 3 most important things I learned at Ameritowne Camp were:

  1. Writing checks: Knowing how to write checks is very important for businesses and personally.

  2. Writing a check book register: Keeping a check register is important because it shows you what your balance is.

  3. Paying taxes: Paying taxes is no fun :( but they fund public resources like roads, schools, Libraries, parks, etc.

These were the three most important things I learned at Young Ameritowne Camp.

In conclusion, Ameritowne Camp was a great experience and I learned a lot about how a normal work day is for many adults. I highly recommend Young Ameritowne Camp for kids going into 5th and 6th grade.

-Luke, 11 years old

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