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Belize from the "Willi Boys" View

The flight to Belize city was loud but fun. The ride is four hours long when we got there we went in a golf cart and drove it to our place it was nice and cool our place had bunkbeds later we went to the pool. Then we went to bed it was really comfortable sleeping I never thought it would be that comfortable.

The next day we went to the beach. We went on a boat ride to the beach because you get a private beach with kayaks and paddle boards. The water is super shallow and cool. There are little beds in the Water that you could rent if you wanted. We also found lots of seashells. We stayed there for about four hours then we went home and had a snack. Then later we went out to the pool and your dad threw the football with us. You can get a piña colada #TheBestDrinkEver. Then we came home and had dinner and went to bed the next day we:

  • We went snorkeling it was very fun we went to two different sites the first site was very crowded and there are lots of people. And there were awesome things at that site we saw lots of fish in under are both there was two big fish. 🐠 . The next site we went swimming with sharks it was awesome because the sharks wouldn’t hurt you they were just nurse sharks I was a little skeptical at first but then I hopped in and it wasn’t that bad me and my dad went swimming over a Big school of fish and my dad touched one.

  • The next day we went to the private beach and we met this girl named Zoe she found seashells with us and we found a ton of them we have a couple pictures of all the seashells we found we found this really big seashell which was awesome and we found a time of little seashells.

The next day our grandma had to leave which was sad and on that day she left around 10:30 that day we just played around and went to the pool and we drove around the golf cart a little bit and then we went to dinner and that was our last day also and it was really sad that that was our last day but we’re kind of happy to go home the next day we got up around 7:30 to get ready for our hopper plane. The hopper plane was awesome back to Belize city I got to sit next to the pilot since there is no copilot and the seats were full that’s why I got to sit in the front. Then we went on a big plane back to Denver it felt really short because I watched lots of movies 🎥 . Then we took a taxi ride back home and I kind of felt good but I really recommend going to Belize it’s the funnest vacation we’ve had and I want to some pretty cool places . You can get all this stuff in mahogany bay resort boat ride is free yeah it’s free. Now that was my beach vacation in mahogany bay resort which was the best vacation ever thank you for reading my blog about Mahogany bay resort beach vacation I highly recommend it bye.

-Cade Williams 9 years old

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